Why Keystone?
Our instructors have earned their state certification in Safety/Driver Education from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  This is through IUP's Institute for Rural Health and Safety in conjunction with IUP’s Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science. 

​In addition to being state certified driving instructors, our instructors have an extensive backround ranging from coaching, guidance counseling, teaching, special education, and law enforcement.

All of our instructors are certifed in CPR.


To ensure the safety of our students, our 2017 vehicles are equipped with state required training equipment. Our vehicles have a  dual braking system, and additional mirrors.

Keystone Driving School was developed and operated on family values and high ethics.  We understand that family issues and extreme circumstances may arise at any moment.  If you need to reschedule a lesson due to an unforeseen circumstance, please contact your instructor or call 570-868-8378 as soon as possible.  

In case of a "No Show" by a student, there will be a $75 fee that will be due at your next scheduled lesson.  Thank you for understanding that our time is valuable and that we wish to provide you the highest quality service possible.

Brianna O.

"As a student, driving could be an anxiety inducing experience. Keystone Driving School was the solution for such a feat as the driving test. The hands on experience Keystone offered, as well as its kind staff, created a beneficial learning environment for a student to learn. The online course was equally beneficial to learn more about how the car works and also to remind one of traffic laws. Overall, Keystone Driving School was one of the most beneficial experiences when it came to driving, and it will be recommended to younger family members in the future."
John N.

"As a former adult student of the school, I can recommend Keystone heartily. Not only were their certification credentials excellent, but also the two staff members with whom I had contact were very courteous and professional. Driving session lengths were generous, and I felt that each one was instructive. Another plus mark for the school was that the instructor was willing to travel a reasonable distance to give the lessons. Overall, I could not have been better satisfied."

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